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Feel free to contact Dr. Fathauer concerning any of the following:
Purchasing artwork Prints and ceramics are available for sale, and prices are in many cases listed on the individual artwork pages. PayPal and credit cards are accepted. Shipping charges will vary depending on the piece and destination. For prints, there is a wide range of sizes and framing options.
Exhibitions Dr. Fathauer's work is available for exhibiting in galleries; private, public, or university.
Works on Loan A university department with a secure location can display one or more artworks on a temporary basis.
Talks or workshops Dr. Fathauer is prepared to talk on his artwork, mathematical art in general, tessellations using lifelike motifs, fractal trees, fractal tilings, and fractal knots.
Commissioning artwork Dr. Fathauer does work on a commission basis. His tessellation metamorphoses have been particularly popular as a way to convey messages and impressions about specific themes.
Licensing artwork Artwork may be licensed for commercial purposes.
Comments or questions General comments, questions, or other topics.

E-mail Dr. Fathauer
Dr. Fathauer may be contacted by phone at 480-331-6365.