Iterated Lattice 1

This print was created by stylizing a seven-crossing knot to introduce self similarity, and then iterating it. The starting geometric shape is a regular hexagon, shown at the top of the print. Below it is the stylized knot. Below that is the first iteration, in which four smaller copies of the knot are added. At the bottom of the print is the second iteration, in which four even smaller copies are added to each of the four small copies found in the first iteration. This process could be continued ad infinitum with the knot remaining unicursal (a single strand). The print contains a single strand that weaves through the four stages in alternating over/under fashion. The esthetics of the design are intentionally borrowed from Islamic lattice designs. "Iterated Lattice No. 1" is a limited edition of 50 digital prints created in 2007. The image size is 8" x 24".

Copyright 2007 Robert Fathauer