Dragon Metamorphosis

This design employs a figure/ground reversal of the same motif in black and white versions from one side of the print to the other. I.e., the eye perceives black dragons on a white background at left, and white dragons on a black background at right. M.C. Escher used this technique in some of his most famous prints, such as "Day and Night" . In the center a tessellation of dragons is seen in which no background is visible. In between these extremes the mind's interpretation of what the eye is seeing is not as clear cut. The entire design possesses glide reflection symmetry about a center line if the reversal in colors is ignored. Limited edition of 25 digital prints, executed in 2003. The image size is 15" x 7-1/2". A belt buckle using this design was produced by Bergamot Brass Works . The central dragon tessellation is also featured in "Drawing on Glide Reflection"
and in a tessellations activity book .

Digital art print of a tessellation that morphs from white dragons to black dragons.

Copyright 2003 Robert Fathauer
tessellation art