M.C. Escher designed his tessellations using pencil and paper, while Robert Fathauer designs his directly on a Macintosh computer. One of Escher's best-known prints is "Reptiles", in which a reptile leaves a page on which the tessellation is drawn to become part of a three-dimensional scene. Of course, the irony is that the "three-dimensional" scene is also just a flat drawing. In "Chameleons", chameleons leave the tessellation on the computer screen to become part of a "three-dimensional" scene that is also in reality just an image on a computer screen. "Chameleons" is a limited edition of 50 prints executed in 2005; the image size is 14 1/2" x 12".

Click here for a high-resolution detail of the print.

Copyright 2005 Robert Fathauer