Bats and Owls

"Bats and Owls" is a limited edition screen print in which the self similarity characteristic of fractals is employed in the design. Escher's "infinity limit" drawings exhibit the same sort of self similarity (see, e.g. "Heaven and Hell" of 1960, "Square Limit" of 1964, and "Circle Limit III" of 1959). In Escher's designs, the perimeter is either circular or square, however, and the motifs only become infinitesimally small at the perimeter.

Click here for a high-resolution detail of the print.

Digital art print with an Escher-like fractal tessellation (tiling) of bats and owls.

In 2004, "Bats and Owls" was featured in a set designed by Peter Waldron for the one-act play "With Blood, With Ink" at the Boston Conservatory.

Copyright 1993 Robert Fathauer